Friday, April 08, 2005

Humor - Opposites attract - an exception.

You know the old saying: Opposites Attract. There’s a lot of truth in that. However, very few things are completely true. (See the Spirituality entries for that. Wait, wait, I haven't written any yet.) For example, a “talker” and a “listener” would be compatible together, obviously because each would get to do more of what they love to do. Similarly, a more dominant and a more submissive person should be able to get along fine. But I think I found an exception: At first glance, you would think that a sadistic person (one who likes to inflict pain) and a masochistic person (someone who likes pain) would get along just dandily. Well, true, the masochist would be in doggie heaven. Yet the sadist would NOT be satisfied. Why? Because if the masochist was enjoying the pain, the masochist would no longer be inflicting pain, but rather providing enjoyment. This would completely ruin what looked like what was going to be a good time.

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