Thursday, April 07, 2005

Mental Health + Transformation: PROCOVERY

Today I attended an exciting, full-day seminar about a new recovery program that is being tried out by the Missouri Department of Mental Health. It's called PROCOVERY, and was developed by Kathy Crowley, who herself has procovered from life-threatening depression. Recovery often has meant "returning to the way things were", or in support groups "complaining about how things are or have been". I won't name any other programs, but the support has been vague in its direction, at best. Procovery (as I understand it) is forward looking, and gives hope through a comprehensive, structured path of group meetings. "To focus on LIFE instead of illness, to build new dreams and find new purpose" says Kathy Crowley.

I'm so excited because it resonates with what I've been thinking for years, and hooks into my own search for transformation. I've signed up for the Facilitator training on April 21st!!!
You can find their website at

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