Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cosmic Drama

Cosmic Drama
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Totally amazing Hubble telescope image of Orion nebula

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Music - Comfort Me, Peter Hurford and Robert Herrick

This is one of the most moving choral works that my choir, the Choir of Christ Church Cathedral sings.  My father is dying, and needs this kind of comfort.
Comfort me Music by Peter Hurford (b. 1930) Words by Robert Herrick (1591-1674)
(You can click on the folder or the title to get to the music file, then download it, and click on the downloaded file to listen.  It's much better if you have the words in front of you.)

In the hour of my distress,
When temptations me oppress,
And when I my sins confess,
Sweet Spirit, comfort me!

When I lie within my bed,
Sick in heart, and sick in head,
And with doubts discomforted,
Sweet Spirit, comfort me!

When the house doth sigh and weep,
And the world is drown'd in sleep,
Yet mine eyes the watch do keep,
Sweet Spirit, comfort me!

When the artless doctor sees
No one hope, but of his fees,
And his skill runs on the lees,
Sweet Spirit, comfort me!

When his potion and his pill,
Has, or none, or little skill,
Meet for nothing but to kill,
Sweet Spirit, comfort me!

When the passing-bell doth toll,
And the furies in a shoal
Come to fright a parting soul,
Sweet Spirit, comfort me!

When the tapers now burn blue,
And the comforters are few,
And that number more than true,
Sweet Spirit, comfort me!

When the priest his last hath pray'd,
And I nod to what is said,
'Cause my speech is now decay'd,
Sweet Spirit, comfort me!

When, God knows, I'm tost about
Either with despair, or doubt;
Yet, before the glass be out,
Sweet Spirit, comfort me!

When the tempter me pursu'th
With the sins of all my youth,
And half damns me with untruth,
Sweet Spirit, comfort me!

When the flames and hellish cries
Fright mine ears, and fright mine eyes,
And all terrors me surprise,
Sweet Spirit, comfort me!

When the Judgment is reveal'd,
And that open'd which was seal'd;
When to Thee I have appeal'd,
Sweet Spirit, comfort me!

Robert Herrick

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Food: Pancakes

I put massive amounts of blueberries in these pancakes, perhaps 20 to 25 each. They were mouth watering.
What else can I say?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Photography: Sunset in Utah

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The original post of this photo has been seen over 150,000 times, has be "favorited" over 1,000 times on flickr, and if you search "Google images" it is consistently in the top 20 photos if you search for "sunset", out of over 44 MILLION sunset photos.
Most of my photos are only modestly popular, but I have 50 in the top 20 of the 500 photos featured each day in the flickr "EXPLORE" pages.
I'm very happy to announce that I will soon be one of 11 official volunteer photographers at the Missouri Botanical Garden, which is only 2.5 miles away from our home in South St. Louis. I'm very excited about that prospect.
Photography has been one of my main joys ever since late 2004, when I bought my first 3 megapixel Fujifilm digital camera.
With digital, I now could take a zillion photos. Before, I could not afford that much film and developing. Now, I can take all I want, don't have to develop them, and can do my own "darkroom" work with Photoshop CS5. I LOVE it!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Amy, Me & Natalie

Just as a point of reference, that's me at the age of 36, after being married nine years. That's Amy on the left, looking somewhat less than happy. Trust me, she is much happier most of the time.
Happy 25th birthday, Amy

Family - Amy, 2010 - Today is her 25th Birthday.

My younger daughter, Amy Michelle turned 25 today.  I'm sure she has no idea how very much I care for her and love her.  I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. Holding this precious gift from God in my arms.  She has grown to be a beautiful young woman, with a voice that could make angels jealous. She's studying operatic singing at Michigan State, where she's in graduate school. She now teaches young singers how to develop THEIR instruments.

I'm sure all fathers are proud of their daughters. But she could not possibly know how proud I am of her, and how very much I love her.
Some things can only be secrets between me and God.

Humor, Editorial: St. Louis, Cars, and Stop-Lights

I have lived in Saint Louis for over 25 years now, and there are still things that puzzle me. Take auto traffic: In Chicago, they drive too fast. In Memphis, people brake the instant they see a yellow traffic light.
In St. Louis, there are two habits which seem to me to verge on being anywhere from highly contradictory to insane.
First, there's the St. Louis interpretation of an Amber or Yellow light. You've all seen it. It means "gee, I think the Red light is coming next, and I sure don't want to have to stop, so I had better see if I can put this accelerator right through the floorboard". I'm sure this has happened to you: You have just embarrassingly sneaked through a Yellow light that had turned to Red in the middle of the intersection. Interestingly enough, not one but two cars have followed you across the intersection. My embarrassment turns to amazement.
Secondly, I would put a St. Louis second up against a New York minute anytime. A St. Louis second is the time it takes from the traffic light to turn Green until a car one, two, or even three vehicles behind HONKS its horn, boisterously urging people to obey and respect that Green Light.
OK, here's where I have the problem. I expect that practically everyone in St. Louis recognizes these two behaviors: 1) the Yellow sneak-through, and 2) the instant, urgent honk by people in line upon the light turning Green. How can anyone in their right mind not grasp that these are antithetical behaviors? St. Louisans, get a grip. You can either ignore the signals to stop at an intersection, or dart out immediately upon a green light. Not both. Why is the guy waiting before cautiously moving on a Green light? Because he values his life, that's why (plus he's waiting for the Yellow and Red light ignorers to get out of the way).
People, people. You've got to change one behavior or the other. It just doesn't make sense.