Friday, April 08, 2005

Fun + Technology + Musings

I was walking today, thinking about several things (which I am wont to do). As I started forgetting each thought as the next one popped into my mind, I thought, " you know, I should get a hand-held tape recorder". Then I put my mind to work on how else could accomplish the same thing: recording thoughts as they happen. It occurred to me that there was a memo feature on my digital camera that I had not been using. It allows for up to 30 seconds per frame (at 260 frames, that's a lot of talking). So I just tried it out, and voila, it works!!!. So the fun part is that I will probably carry my camera with me more, since it is now an idea jotting pad as well as a beauty preserver.

The fun part will be when people see me talking to my camera, thinking: "That photographer's gone over the edge. . . Now he's TALKING to his camera ".

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