Monday, July 12, 2010

FUN ideas, Joyful Inspiration

There will be a Chapter of quotations in my book. Many of the quotations will be my original thoughts and of course copyrighted as per world copyright law.

Yet my thoughts are a gift to me from a Loving God who created me and my mind, gave me life, my family, a wonderful community of Christians her in St. Louis: Christ Church Cathedral, and many more other gifts than you would care to read about.

Therefore, since my very thoughts are a Gift from my Father, in order to be more like Him, I must also learn to give and share. Therefore I hereby announce my written permission to utilize anything on my "Quotations from Timothy Keith Hamilton" blog, with no additional permission needed. My only request is that if you print or quote one of my quotations, please give me the gift of attribution. Like this: "Quote from Timothy Keith Hamilton".

I will be having several links on my blog to the 4 or 5 best websites that I have discovered. That way, If you need a quotation for a sermon, an article, or just a blog post, you can have "one-stop shopping" by coming to my blog.

Primarily, though, the reason I have the links is so I can research the quotation I have created, and make sure it has not already been said better. I expect that will often be the case. If if I find something that has been said better, I will post it with a credit to the author, even in the case of Mr. Anonymous, who is the most prodigious of them all. Mr. Anonymous is the collective wisdom of humans whose source is unknown, however, the excellence of the thought is such that it is remembered, repeated, and passed on. I probably won't be remembered past the point in time where the people I have known and my grand-children (if any) pass on. My hope is, though, that I may make a contribution that at the very least will become part of Mr. Anonymous.

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