Saturday, April 09, 2005

Economics + Self-Actualization + Musings

Starting (with me) a new Economic Model
Here’s the concept:
  • Assume I am rich. Act out of a sense of plenty, instead of a sense of scarcity.
  • As a wealthy person, give all the things I can do without away (this reduces clutter, helps simplify my life, and is practicing generosity too, and hopefully will help others less fortunate.)
  • Give of my time and my talents (they were GIVEN to me, weren’t they?) Volunteer whenever possible, in a way that enlivens me and develops my community.
  • Be satisfied with what I have in life. As Lao Tsu said 3,000 years ago: He who knows he has enough is the truly wealthy person.
  • Rather than work for an hourly wage as a photographer or consultant, provide a RESULT. Then ask the buyer to pay based on:
    1) their satisfaction with the result
    2) what THEY think is fair, and
    3) their ability to pay.
  • When I sell flower photos, have a sign that says, “If you want to pay LESS (or MORE) than the asking price, just ask me."
  • John Wesley, the founder of the Methodism movement, lived his entire life on the same amount that he lived on when he was in seminary, and gave the rest away. What a marvelous example!

    More on this later, as I have successes and failure moving towards this goal. Or you can track my progress my clicking on the link in the Title. ( Wait a few weeks, please).

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