Thursday, July 07, 2011

Question absolutes. . .Thank extravagantly

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I've asked you to question everything, so when you hear a quotation, test it for truth. . Many absolutes are not and cannot be true.
Take the old adage:
Pride goeth before a fall".  Well, I don't quite agree.  Here's my version:

"Excessive or unrealistic pride can hurt you; appropriate pride in your accomplishments brings Joy and Satisfaction especially when shared with someone you love."  tkh
"It's OK to want to be admired, we all need admiration and appreciation as much as we need breakfast."  tkh
That's why it's a Wonderful thing to write thank you notes, and praise other people.  Those things express Thankfulness, Appreciation, or Admiration to someone else.
Practice writing a "Thank You" note daily.
Make as long a list as you can . . .
- thank your grocer
- your dentist
- your water company
- your sister
- your mom
- your priest, rabbi, imam, or pastor
. . .the list can be a hundred or more!
Have FUN making the list!

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