Monday, June 06, 2005

SPIRITUALITY -- Make time for being alone - Schedule it!

My friend Diane reminds me, that we need SOLITUDE to be connected with ourselves, and with God (the spirit world, higher power, universe, nature, as you have experienced Her/Him/It). Only then can we interact with others in a more powerful, positive way.
Artists (musicians, dancers, painters, etc.) experience being in what Diane calls “the flow” more frequently than most, I’d guess. It’s that feeling that what you are doing or creating is just happening, and you happen to be there at the time it is shaping itself. It’s a sense of being completely in the present, completely involved, completely in love with the process.

Meditation and solitude are ways of reaching that “flow” without anything actually happening, being created, or done. In fact, it is getting in touch with BEING pure and simple.
Before doing something worthwhile, we must BE someone worthwhile. And one step is to meditate, pray, or read something inspirational – alone.


Keith E Hamilton said...

This is DAD...I'd include "connecting with OTHERS" as well as OURSELVES and GOD. ENJOYED being in touch with your BLOG!

Timothy K. Hamilton said...

Yes, I know that Keith E. Hamilton is the same as dad.
Good point, it's just that Being ALONE is only a time for connecting to the self, and to the spiritualness outside and inside us.

David Stelzer said...

Time alone can be focused on meditation and nothingness - eastern thought, or it can be directed to creativity and productivity - western thought!
Both are life enhancing to me..