Monday, April 18, 2005

Technology + World Vision + Fun

Both and are world-wide communities. I've discovered a way to communicate with people of another language, since we Americans are so lacking in knowing other languages: It's from GOOGLE. Just click on the "language tools" on the right side of the GOOGLE start screen. Here's an example. I was trying to communicate with a German photographer, and wanted to say:

I don't know German, either. I'm using GOOGLE's language tools to translate for me. I hope you can understand my "fake" German. Did you like the tulip photos? Then I just pressed the button and got:

Ich spreche nicht deutsch. Ich benutze werkzeuge GOOGLEs Sprach, um zu übersetzen. Ich hoffe, daß Sie mein "gefälschtes" Deutsches verstehen können. Sie mögen meine Tulpefotos?

Or if I wanted to translate to French, I would get:
Je ne sais pas le français. J'utilise les outils de la langue de GOOGLE pour traduire. J'espère que vous pouvez comprendre mon français "faux". vous aiment mes photos de tulipe?

Or Spanish:
No conozco Espanol. Estoy utilizando las herramientas de la lengua de GOOGLE para traducir. Espero que usted pueda entender mi español "falso". ¿usted tienen gusto de mis fotos del tulipán?

It's not PERFECT, but It allows me to communicate with like-hearted people around the globe. Try it at:

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