Friday, April 29, 2005

Self-Actualization -- Does it take effort and collaboration to achieve our goals & Dreams?

I say YES!!! That's what's exciting about this new breed of virtual online communities.
The point of the 43things community is not just to post individual lists. What allows people to do includes:
  1. set goals
  2. track them for their personal use
  3. share their experiences with others (both successes and struggles)
  4. encourage (cheers and comments)
  5. be encouraged (cheers and comments)
  6. see what others are doing to meet their goals, what obstacles they’ve met and overcome, etc.
  7. have challenging responses that help focus and refine our thoughts.

Of course, none of these is REQUIRED. However, to the extent that we participate in these activities, our goals and the goals of others are forwarded.

Otherwise, why not just keep a list on paper at home? I’m pretty confident that those who are spending 1/2 hour a day “playing” on the 43things site are the ones making the most progress.

See more progress on: self-actualize

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