Saturday, April 30, 2005

Editorial + politics -- post 9/11 Government "Protection"

Here are three of the things that concern me about the way we're being "protected" since the 9/11 tragedy:
  1. These are the same agencies that have NEVER solved the "anthrax letters" problem that happened after 9/11. I don't trust their ABILITY to protect me. In fact, 9/11 occurred in spite of ALL the money we have put into intelligence agencies.
  2. Rather than solving the problem of inter-agency communication, the government decided that combining several bureaucratic agencies into one MEGA bureaucratic one was the solution. Typical corporate America trick: Rather than fix the problem, let's shuffle the deck so no one can really gauge progress. In my view, an inefficient, unworkable move.
  3. In fighting the terrorists, it looks like we're moving towards being more like a "Police State". This includes airport screenings to wiretaps, to incarcerating "suspected terrorists" without legal recourse. How much of the core values of America are we willing to give up for the sake of "SAFETY"?

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