Sunday, April 10, 2005


Exactly eleven years ago today, (and it happened to be a Sunday, too) I met the love of my life: Grace. I met her in church. I first saw her as I was walking up to take a seat with my father and mother. "What a lovely young lady with a little waist and chestnut hair" I thought as I passed by. I actually hadn't been to church in a couple of months, but since my parents were visiting, and since they are BOTH retired Methodist pastors, I went to church. Grace was sitting a couple of pews behind, and says that she really liked my hair from behind, and hoped that my face would be alright, too. After church, she greeted my parents immediately, and when my mother pulled me into the circle, our friend Kathleen insists that "time stood still". It was just the start of a long journey of getting to know, love, trust, encourage, and put up with each other. But I certainly remembered her name, which is rare for me. It took 6 weeks until we started dating, and two years until the start of our married life together. But how many people do YOU remember having met on a certain date. RED LETTER DAY!!!!!!YEAH!!!!

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