Monday, July 18, 2011

Photography: Sunset in Utah

Originally uploaded by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton
The original post of this photo has been seen over 150,000 times, has be "favorited" over 1,000 times on flickr, and if you search "Google images" it is consistently in the top 20 photos if you search for "sunset", out of over 44 MILLION sunset photos.
Most of my photos are only modestly popular, but I have 50 in the top 20 of the 500 photos featured each day in the flickr "EXPLORE" pages.
I'm very happy to announce that I will soon be one of 11 official volunteer photographers at the Missouri Botanical Garden, which is only 2.5 miles away from our home in South St. Louis. I'm very excited about that prospect.
Photography has been one of my main joys ever since late 2004, when I bought my first 3 megapixel Fujifilm digital camera.
With digital, I now could take a zillion photos. Before, I could not afford that much film and developing. Now, I can take all I want, don't have to develop them, and can do my own "darkroom" work with Photoshop CS5. I LOVE it!

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