Sunday, June 27, 2010

My New Spiritual Name

I started walking around my neighborhood a week ago and introducing myself as Mr. Happy.  I did this for several reasons
  • It almost always makes other people (and me) laugh, which releases enrorphins and endorphins in turn make you feel better.  Laughter is, indeed the very best medicine, as our shared wisdom tells us.
  • I live in a rough neighborhood, and I don't really want people to look up my name, and find my phone number and address
  • It's just plain FUN
So when I  arrived at the Psychiatric ward at Barnes Hospital, still in a very "Mr. Happy" mood, I keept introducing myself as "Mr. Happy.  This brings me to yet another reason for using the name:
  • Names have POWER.   They inform us as to who we are and intend to become.
  • For example, my brother's name is "David Joel"  David means Beloved.  Joel means "Gift of God".  So his name means "Beloved Gift of God".  Very intentionally, my parents gave him a wonderful name
  • There are traditions in many cultures where upon reaching manhood or passing a rite in a religion, the person is given a new name, which again encapsulates and prophesies about whom they are and whom they intend to or may become
This morning I decided on (for now, I can always change my mind as I change): Joyce J. F. Happy.

Let me expand:  Joyce Joyce FUN, Happy.
Explanation:  If you say Joyce a 2nd time you are "re-Joycing". . . the rest is self-explanatory.  Rejoicing in God leads to FUN and Happiness.

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LEWESRAT said...

Nice work, Mr. Happy :-)
And I totally agree that laughter is the best medicine...and the best way to keep people laughing is to keep surprising them with happy thoughts.