Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Procovery - 14 months later - Mental Health

I became a Procovery facilitator for Procovery:http://www.procovery.com for 14 months now. It’s the best facilitated peer circle format I’ve yet seen. It works for circles that include:
  • - other facilitators
  • - health care providers
  • - family members and support people
  • - People with any mental disorer
    In fact, the process, which is quite defined, can be used with any group of people who have a disease or disorder from which they cannot “recover”. . .that is, go back to their former state of being.
    Procovery is forward looking. . you accept the present, that the past is behind you, and move forward towards hope, satisfaction, and fullfillment. In addition to mental illness, the Procovery model can be used with
  • - people with Diabetes
  • - people who have the illness of Alcoholism
  • - people who are Homeless.
    and so forth.
    I have started two groups so far, one in a Residential Care Facility (RCF) for people who happen to be mentally disordered. The other one is in my home. I’m committed to starting at least 2 more groups or circles before the end of July. One at my church, where they have several programs for the homeless, and one in a church or facility nearby, so that healthcare providers can refer people who are comming out of hospital or residential facilities can have a place to continue their Procovery
    I also have a BLOG that I contribute to 3-5 times a week related to hope, support, and inspiration for people who are PROCOVERING.
    “Procovery – and Friends” http://www.shcrt.blogspot.com

So CHEER me . . . I am DOING it!!!!


Godsdragon said...

Timothy I am New Wings at 43T. I am researching how to prepare myself towards my hearing so I can receive SS benefits... Any ideas as to were to look specifically for tips in how to present myself in front of the judge? Any help will be appreciated...
NW aka godsdragon

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