Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Simplify my life - One car instead of Two

We just found out that our 11-year-old 1995 Saturn needs about $1700 worth of work on the clutch. So we checked the “Blue Book” value: $200 trade in, $500 to sell it ourselves, $1000 if it was being sold by a dealer. It is costing us $600 per year for liability insurance, as well. Obviously, it makes no sense to have it fixed. Here are the possibilities:
  1. Give the car to a charity soon
  2. Keep it, only do oil changes, and when it dies, it dies.
  3. Drive it down to New Orleans and give it to a family there, and take the train back.

Anyway you look at it, by NOT having a car, We would save at least $2000 in three years. I would have to bicycle and walk more (which would benefit my fitness goal) or take the bus. On days when I need a car, I can drive my wife to work (50 minutes round trip twice), and have a car for Doctor visits, etc.
Simplify, Save Money (Financial Independence), and Fitness, all in ONE simple stroke!!! Amazing!

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