Friday, October 14, 2005

Frieda (mother) and Fridolin (son)

Linda lives in a small town in Germany. She has a wide variety of photos, including sets about the sky, ponds and lakes, the sun, and mist and fog.
This is the kind of photo that keeps me taking pictures. It is like magic.

Linda Leben in einer kleinen Stadt in Deutschland. Sie hat eine Vielfalt der Fotos, einschließlich Sätze um den Himmel, die Teiche und die Seen, die Sonne, und Nebel. Dies ist die Art des Fotos, die mich behält, Bilder zu nehmen. Es ist wie Zauberei.

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Xer said...

Tim, the photos you`ve taken are simply amazing and well... I enjoyed the funny ones in particular, they have parts of your personality scattered all over. Any ways I dont know how else to contact you so Im writting here. Oh and yes THE PROPHET became one of my favorite books. Thank you.