Thursday, June 09, 2005

FAMILY REUNION -- One week to go - deadline looming

I have set out to scan over 500 slides and photos for our family reunion in Franklin Indiana. My brother David, his wife and 4 teenage children are flying in from Hawaii (their home) to join us. I've got 300 some photos done, but I'm feeling like I Must. . . . scan. . . more. . .must. . .scan.
I found out today while scanning slides that I have just enough time after I push the “scan” button to sit and play a song on my guitar, have a short conversation with my wife, listen to a song on the CD player, etc. That’s helping to keep the process from being a drag.
The second part of the process – retouching the photos, adjusting levels, chroma, contrast, color, is fun because of the immediate improvement I can make on these old slides. I feel like I’m restoring old art.

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Anonymous said...

KEH speaking...looking forward ro the Reunion and the art work the Lord is doig thru you!