Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Self-actualization - I'm living passionately, but my balance goal is slipping

During the last month, I’ve been passionate about these things:
goal setting, development, and mutual encouragement, at 43things.
photography: taking photos, posting on, receiving praise, and finding inspiration at every turn.
BLOGGING. It’s self-expression in a third way. My two BLOGS are keeping me writing creatively, and it’s FUN
43things has helped me focus and concentrate on the passions that are important to me. The ability to sort the goals in order (reordering) is very valuble.

My current problem is this: I’m living a fairly passionate life, but I’m neglecting things that are needed for balance. Things like, exercise, gardening, meditation, housekeeping, cooking, and more.
I’ve got to figure out how to maintain passion and balance at the same time. Where does passion end and obsession begin?.

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