Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Self-Actualization + goal-setting: Sometimes there are goals that nest inside other goals.

I'm sure the concept of "nesting" isn't new to anyone who has Russian nesting "dolls" or had a nesting barrel toy as a kid. A Meta goal is like the biggest doll or barrel. It's the one that supersedes all others. Goals like:
  • win the Nobel Peace Prize
  • self-actualization
  • get to Heaven

And so forth are overarching, HUGE goals. There are also Large or umbrella goals such as:

Participate more in my neighborhood.
This Large or Umbrella goal can have Sub-goals:

  1. Join in the neighborhood cleanup campaign
  2. Find out about community resources.
  3. Find ways to help keep my neighborhood SAFE.
  4. Pick up trash whenever I see it.

Each Sub-goal, then should have specific steps assigned to it.

Here's an example of a Generic, unachievable goal: Swallow the ocean

I've also heard other goals such as "Lose Weight", "Stop Procrastinating", which are just as unachievable as "Swallow the Ocean" unless they are made more specific.

Here's a more specific, achievable goal:

Swallow a bucket of seawater by the end of July, 2005 (specific deadline)

  1. buy a bucket (baby steps)
  2. borrow or buy a spoon. (sub-goal)
  3. I'll have to swallow XX spoonfulls a day for the remaining XX weeks to meet the goal. (calculation)
  4. Track my progress every Sunday afternoon. (review progress)

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cindylu said...

I like how you broke down your "goal" into little steps. I used to do that all the time at work. If I didn't, we wouldn't get funding.