Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Health - Don't starve yourself attempting to diet

Your body will just shut down to a lower energy level, and so you won’t lose weight. In fact, DON’T DIET AT ALL!!! What’s needed is a lifestyle change that will be ongoing.
Here are some suggestions:

  • eat smaller portions (say 2/3 of what you do now)
  • snack on fruit or vegetables
  • look for low-fat foods at the grocery store
  • if you go out, divide your food in 1/2 and take the other half home with you (an extra lunch for later!).
  • Eat LOTS of veggies and fruits, and little of fatty or sweet foods.
  • Don’t deny yourself any food, but try taking very small amounts of stuff that tastes wonderful, but isn't so good for you. Like 1/3 piece of pie. Taste it preciously, enjoy every micro-mouthful.

I’ve lost 21 pounds in 10 weeks and improved my health by eating healthier. You can do it, too.

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Kathya said...

I agree completely. I'd like to add: cravings only last for 5 minutes, so keep busy or grab a banana or something healthier and stay away from the second slice of chocolate cake(etc)that beckons! ;) It's tough, but it's harder to work off those love handles! ;D

Congrats on your continuing progress!