Friday, April 22, 2005

Spirituality - Basics of the Lord's Prayer

When the Christ was asked "How should we pray?" by his closest followers, he taught them what's come to be called "The Lord's Prayer". It's the only prayer Jesus specifically taught, so there are sure to be some clues in it as to how to pray. It has the following components. I don't think the order matters particularly. I think the wholeheartedness and sincerity DO matter. You may want to include some of these in your own personal prayers:

  • Acknowledge the greatness of God
  • Express your desire that the will of the "Great Being" be completed.
  • Request any physical, mental or spiritual needs you may have (Give us this day our daily bread)
  • Ask for forgiveness, and promise to be equally forgiving of others.
  • Ask for protection in a world full of ways to go astray. Make it specific to your OWN PERSONAL weaknesses.
  • Again, recognize and praise the Creator.

There you have it. The main components (as I understand them) to a satisfying prayer experience with your Higher Power.

Click here to see how the The Passionist Missionaries have elaborated upon the same idea.

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