Tuesday, April 26, 2005

JOY! First 5 of 100 things that make me HAPPY!

  1. I’m glad both my parents are alive at age 82
  2. I’m happy about being more alive and focused partly because of 43things, flickr.com, and my BLOG (link is at my Home page on 43things, and you can get to my other projects from their, too) So it’s a good link to bookmark.
  3. Spring is here – my favorite season, and I’m having a ball taking photos this year.
  4. I have a fantastically loving, gentle, supportive and accepting wife, Grace. The name befits her.
  5. I’m joyful because I’m alive for this brief moment. I am able to enjoy the moment. I'm able to just barely grasp both my insignificance (when gazing skywards), and my significance (in affecting others).


AtRandom said...

If money is a serious element to your being happy, you're bound to be disappoointed.

Timothy K. Hamilton said...

You are absolutely right! But you have to admit that from time to time a little extra cash has added to your feeling good. The lack of money (debt) causes most people nothing but grief. So it DOES affect us. The wording of the original goal wasn't mine, anyway.

Deni H. said...

Enjoyed your first post about this! Very good start! To clarify a little for atrandom, I *am* the one who originated the goal. I believe that money can provide extra opportunities to pursue activities that make one happy, but it doesn't (alone) provide any happiness. I wanted to be able to focus on things that money couldn't be a part of such as abilities, relationships or natural beauty. I don't base my happiness on financial status...but as Timothy indicated it does have some pull on our emotions.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cheer! I'm getting back to my goals to. And, well, starting again on some. I gotta say about money... I have started buying some really good music on vinyl (I never had my own collection before!) and music related stuff, and sometimes you do need just a little clash, alas. ('Cause I am pretty poor!)