Sunday, April 24, 2005

Art + Photos + Fun -- Was my Photo Show Successful?

Yesterday, I participated in the annual FLOWER FESTIVAL at Christ Church Cathedral. The will of Henry Shaw, founder of the botanical gardens had a provision: It established that a quarter of a bazillion flowers would be displayed in the sanctuary of the Cathedral every 4th Sunday of April. This year, the festival allowed other organizations to join it's "Street Fair". I was among several artists that had an 8-foot folding table to display my wares. From a financial perspective, here's how I did:
  • +$32.00 total sales
  • -$10.00 entry fee
  • -$ 8.00 food consumed
  • -$ 7.00 in cost of goods sold (materials)
  • For a total of $7.00 gain
  • Which works out to $0.58 per hour for 12 hours of work (including preparation)

Was it worth it? Was it Successful? It depends entirely on how you FRAME IT.

Here are my successes:

  • I brightened the faces of 32-some kids when I gave them an itty-bitty "FREE SAMPLE" of my photographs.
  • I enjoyed the admiration of 10 or more people who took the time to really "SEE" my work (I hate to call it art work, because it's more like art play!)
  • I made at least 4 new possible friends.
  • I handed out 16 or more business cards (or rather hobby cards) so that people could enjoy my work for free and download it at
  • I had FUN

It sounds like a resounding success to me!!!

Please feel free to comment, and let me know YOUR opinion.

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Deni H. said...

Nice play on words: "how you frame it." I _frame_ it as a success, personally.

Hope you have some more opportunities to showcase your awesome talent! :)