Monday, April 25, 2005

Musings - Being passionate about anything worthy is grand.

Watching TV (or drinking for that matter) is not a bad thing in and of itself. But almost anything done to the point that it dominates our lives requires some close attention. Why are we doing it? There’s usually an unmet NEED. Often we use TV (or food, or computers) as a DRUG to numb us from what’s going on. But changin our habits is like trying to rip an old, crusty bone out the jaws of a dog. The more you pull, the more it holds on. However, there's another way!!! Fill your days with such interesting things that you are passionate about, and the less important stuff will fall away. To go back to the dog analogy: Passion about something wonderful is like throwing down a juicy steak near a dog. The dog will automatically DROP the bone, and go for the steak. What I mean is, find wonderful things to do that you can be passionate about, and you won’t even have time to do those things that are of lesser or questionable value. This includes complaints people have about watching too much TV.


Deni H. said...

I agree TOTALLY! I have found since doing 43T and starting my blog, that TV is not as entertaining as once it was. I've always known it was a waste of time, but now I'm convinced it is. Life's too short to waste anything, so I hope everyone (myself included) will have a little more carpe diem (sieze the day) in their lives.

Brea said...

That is such a good way to look at things. Wow, I needed to hear that. Thanks!

Timothy K. Hamilton said...

Thanks guys. . . and thanks for visiting!